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The Kitchen Monster

March 22, 2010

Art by Vienne Parmele

Baking has been my first love in cooking.  My first memories are of coming home from school, opening the front door and being greeted by the wonderful smells of bread baking.  Friday was Mom’s baking day and she produced a kitchen counter full of fruit stuffed sweet rolls, wheat breads, cookies and pies to the delight of her family.

It use to be that Mom’s little brothers and sisters lived with us  so they could attend academy (before I was born) so Mom was use to cooking and baking for a crowd.  By the time I arrived, the house emptied out except for my older brother and sister, but the goodies kept coming, in much less quantity, of course.

Joe and I realize that a diet of sweet rolls, cookies and pies were something that had to be limited to special occasions but the bread making is our lifeline.   About anything tastes good on a slice of good homemade bread, at least we rationalize it that way.

Euopean Style Bread * Recipe available at

Years ago, we lived near San Francisco and I fell in love with great sourdough bread.  The package at our local store may say it’s San Francisco Sourdough Bread but it really falls short of the chewy sour bread we love.  The urge to try making it hit hard last week and I searched the internet for a good recipe and found the Two Sister’s Kitchen blog (  It really jazzed me up and I started a kitchen monster (sourdough starter redux) of my own.  My granddaughter Vienne even got into the spirit and drew me a sign for the refrigerator to remind me to Feed The Monster!

My Kitchen Monster

I have about 10 more days until my Monster is ready for bread baking and already my house has that special pungent smell of sourdough.  Making this type of bread (18 hr. rise time) is time consuming but the anticipation of baking my first loaf of bread just thrills me!  Who knows, I may come to love my Kitchen Monster!

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  1. Sharon permalink
    March 22, 2010 9:31 pm

    O dear, there you go having fun again. Love the Kitchen Monster.

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