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Robot for Riis

May 25, 2010

Photo by Gerik Parmele

Riis’ birthday is tomorrow. But tonight I have the food coloring washed off my hands and the dishes washed and put away. The finished robot birthday cake is carefully tucked away in the refrigerator waiting for tomorrow’s big day. I can rest easy tonight.

Photo by Pat Parmele

I love making fun little cakes for my family. Many years were spent doing wedding cakes and stressing about all the fussy little details that make the cake look like a work of art. As much as I enjoyed the details of a wedding cake, baking for my family is just plain fun.

Photo by Pat Parmele

The robot cake is baked in rainbow colors. I used 4 Duncan Hienz White Cake mixes using the ingredients suggested on the back of the box. The only addition was that I always add a big serving spoon full of sour cream for each cake mix to make the cake denser and easier to work with. The batter is divided into 6 bowls and gel food coloring is added making each bowl one of the colors in a rainbow. The colors are then spooned into the pans, in order of the rainbow and baked. The gel food coloring really makes vivid cake colors, I love this product.

My robot body is 7x7x7”, the head is 3x3x3” and the arms and legs are chocolate mini donuts. Easy, easy, easy. Vienne helped me decorate him with candy and Fruit Roll-up patches. We used craft foam to make the hair look like Riis’ hair. His rooster tail hair is his trademark!  Tomorrow I will post a picture of Riis and his cakey smile for my friends to see.  I love being a Nana!

Photo by Gerik Parmele

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