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Blushing Bunny Sandwiches

August 9, 2011

Photo by Gerik

It took a full year of married life and weekly Blushing Bunnies before my new husband had the courage to tell me he didn’t like them.

Blushing Bunny Sandwiches were a staple in my growing up years. In the beginning they were just called scrambled egg and tomato sandwiches. The formal name came later when my brother and family moved to Pendleton, OR from Georgia. Sister-in-law Dottie insisted there was a name for them and so I began to see my ordinary sandwich in a new light. How cute! Now it was much more fun to eat them.

I have since researched the origin of Blushing Bunnies and the closest I can find is a cheesy version from Europe. At any rate, I really loved the little sandwiches and was delighted to see that my daughter-in-law, Tanya likes them too. Ahh, I finally have someone to enjoy them with.

Blushing Bunnies are really easy to make and are a quick protein based sandwich that pairs perfectly with either a green salad or soup making it one of those year around sandwiches. My mom, who only baked whole wheat bread, always picked up a loaf of white bread, usually Wonder Bread, when she served them.

Yes, my husband patiently suffered through a whole year of them, bless his heart! They may not be for everyone but try them, they may become your favorite too!

Blushing Bunny Sandwiches

Makes 6 or so sandwiches

Sandwich Filling:
1 – 14.5 oz can Stewed Tomatoes, original recipe
½ onion, chopped
1 T olive oil
6 eggs, beaten and seasoned well

Wonder Bread

Open the can of stewed tomatoes and using a pair of scissors, clip the tomatoes into smaller pieces. You could use diced “flavored” tomatoes in place of the stewed tomatoes but I prefer that old fashioned taste of the tomatoes cooked with onion, celery and green peppers.

In a fry pan, add the oil and heat. Saute the onion until limp and then pour in the stewed tomatoes. Bring the tomatoes to a simmer and pour in the beaten eggs. Stir and continue cooking on med/high heat as the mixture begins to cook. Keep stirring at first then occasionally to keep the mixture from browning. Simmer until the mixture is cooked and the juice is gone. It will take about 15 minutes. In the end I have drained the sandwich mixture just to make sure the juice is gone.

Taste the sandwich filling and add salt if needed. I like mine a little on the salty side. Don’t know why, just do.

Spread a slice of Wonder Bread with mayo and top with the Blushing Bunny filling then top with another slice of mayo spread bread. Slice diagonally and enjoy.

Just an added note:  These really taste good made in advanced and refrigerated.  I remember well having this yummy sandwich waiting for me in my school lunch pail.

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  1. August 9, 2011 12:46 am

    They look good to me! Tomatoes and eggs are a great pairing. My mom asked Katherine if there were any foods she didn’t like before we went to visit for the first time. Katherine drew a blank. So of course we had white bread stuffing and cauliflower, two of Katherine’s most hated dishes. She didn’t say anything, but kicked me really hard under the table when I told her she didn’t have to eat the stuffing.

    • August 9, 2011 12:21 pm

      What a fun story! Just love those “getting to know you” moments!

  2. Jeri Herrera permalink
    August 9, 2011 12:44 pm

    Manuel makes something similar but rather than using stewed tomatoes he uses salsa or tomatoes with chilis and cilantro, etc., and then we eat them on tortillas. Ask Tanya if she remembers that. Pat, I just love your blog and look forward to reading them each week.

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